If you are looking for cheap flights to Ercan airport you have come to the right place! We offer you all flights to Ercan airport with scheduled carriers. Flights are available with Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. Cheap flights to Ercan are available throughout summer 2009, winter 2009/10 and summer 2010. For the lowest airfare to Ercan, with the cheapest dates and cheapest routes to Northern Cyprus - use the search box and see the savings to Northern Cyprus appear in front of you. All flights to Ercan involve a courtesy touchdown in Turkey, this is approximately 1hour, and in most cases (unless stated) you do not need to change aircraft on the route to Ercan airport.


Ercan airport is set between Nicosia and Famagusta ready for international flights. However due to political reason flights to Ercan only technically pass over from Turkey. Although there are flights from the UK and other countries, they all must touch down in Turkey before flying in to Ercan airport.

Ercan airport has 2 runways:

arrow Arrow Runway 1: Facing 11-29 2,755m 080-F-C-X-T
arrow Arrow Runway 2: Heading 16-34 1,800m 030-F-D-Y-U

The airport is fully renovated with a couple of cafes, a range of duty free, and a waiting lounge. The spacious airport is a perfect setting for relaxing and departing from your flight from Ercan airport to the UK.

Flights from the UK to Ercan airport arrive to the main terminal which is fully air-conditioned, and has 2 conveyor belts for automatic retrieval of baggage. The arrivals terminal also has duty free available before you enter Northern Cyprus.

Ercan airport telephone number: (Ercan airport emergency telephone number, Ercan airport general telephone number, ercan airport information line) 0090 392 231 4806